T&T Gio Hai Resort

Hospitality / Resorts | Quang Tri | Vietnam | Design In-Progress


Service : Architecture Concept & Schematic Design

Size : 211,510 m²

This Hue Imperial City inspired seaside resort hotel project is located in the east of Quang Tri province on a coastal city of Gio Hai. The Master plan structure of this project is based on the Hue Imperial City Master plan. The Architectural massing and building components of the resort hotel mimic the hierarchy of importance of the Imperial Palace buildings and functions. The slogan of this project is 'King for a Day' - a unique resort experience and theme that offers tourists and visitors the opportunity to experience a day in the life of the Emperor during the Nguyen dynasty of Vietnam. The architecture design of the resort require HBAa designers to conduct in-depth study and understanding of the ancient buildings in the Hue Imperial City in order to re-interpret and recreate the different ancient buildings within the old palace grounds with modern resort buildings and functions with contemporary design using new techniques and materials. As Vietnam become more prosperous and modernized, Vietnamese’s desire to reconnect with and discover their own history, heritage and culture has also grown.


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